Board Members

Hassan Qorane


Qorane is a scholar, expert and author with a Bachelor degree in Geology from the International African University of Sudan. He has spent most of his life working on pen development. He is the founder of Maankulan, and a senior advisor to State Presidency of Jubbaland

Abdirahman Mohamed


Abdirahman Mohamed Ibrahim holds a master's degree in public health and is a health care management , who has worked in the medical field as his ironic experience. He is a board member of the Maankulan Forum and an active member of the Kismayo Book Fair high-commute.

Abdirahman Mustaf


Abdirahman received his Masters degree in MBA from University of Fort Hare, South Africa. He is one of the founded members of Maankulan, and is also a young, open-minded, and activist. Mustaf's hard work and effort made him the current position of Director of Jubbaland TV.

Xamda Araale


Hamda Ibrahim Abdullahi is one of the pillars of Kismayo Bookfair and Maankulan Forum. She holds a bachelor's degree in Public Administration. Hamda is also a special staff member of the Jubbaland Ministry of Education, in particular Coordinator at School Feeding Progamme.

Abdirizak Mohamed


Abdirizak received his undergraduate studies in Faculty of Pure and applied sciences/ math & computer science at International University of Africa from Sudan. Mr. Omar was a former deputy chief intelligence office of Jubbaland, and is also a co-founding member of the Maankulan forum.

Roble Idle


Roble holds a Master's degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from the UN-mandated Peace University. Idle is a site supervisor UNDP's Support Assistant to the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs – Somalia. He is an active member of the Kismayo Book Fair and the Maankulan Forum.